Paint Programs

My free trial for paint shop pro 9 has recently run out… I was wondering what are some other good programs comporable psp9 I could download for free?

I still have 24days left on my psp9 free trial.I think it’s excellent,Maybe you can re-download it?Otherwise im not to sure on what other programs to suggest.Joliojoilo would maybe have a nice list of free good Paint programs.

if your free trial allowed you to put in a cd key or something before you clicked that you were using it as a free trial then maybe you can redownload and then find a cd key online or Kazaa… That’s how I got my Flash MX trial into the full deal…

I beleive downloading a CD Key program is illegal.

I deleted my first trial, then redownloaded still to find the trial was over… :x

Yeah, I know that it’s illegal but it works… Just a suggestion… Sorry if it offended you…

Im not sure what you could do, Maybe download Paint Shop Pro 7…Free Trial.