partly about scammers/ want to hire me

lol i just lost all my money again because i basicly gave it all to scammer so i need to make some more money again if you want something just order from me just say want you want and ill get it for you(not for free)

1 im now sellnig trout
2 now selling salmon
3 buying feathers aways
4awlays buying fiahing bait
5 if you would like something pm or put on the message board

Pfft… I seriously don’t get why you like to give money to scammers… Are you planning to do that for the rest of your RS career? Make money and then give it to the scammers? All you’re doing is encouraging them to scam more…

mabe i dont know i just think is so funny and what do they come up eith next it always make me llaugh so hard

So you give more? Thats smart… :?

really u thnk so thx:D

whats ur RS name?