Party hat Prices needed for price guide!

I need party hat pices for my price guide as i dont merchant now and have not had a party hat for ages! Can anyone help me? are there any merchants out ther :(?

hi my names on rs is tiny__gooner and i am a merchant for party hats i have loads i have every colour purple,blue,pink,orange etc i am selling them for around 15k-150k so if u catch me on a good day ill give u one for 10k :slight_smile:

yes and im the easter bunny’s 2nd wife’s 3rd cousin aunts nephew uncles brothers son. twice removed…

if your serious pm me on game… for 15-150k for one.

Party hats are constantly rising and dropping in price. Here are some of the current ones

Purple: 6,700-7,000k
Red: 10,000k-11,000k
Yellow: 7,500-8,000k
Green: 8,800k-9,500k
White: 13,000k- 13,500k
Blue: 18,000-22,000k

you idiot…there is no orange partyhat for a start…lol