Party Hat Prices!!!

Here are the prices of party hats at this moment i have a guide that i hope will be stickied and that will have them updated once a day:
Green: 12mil
Yellow: 10mil
Purple: 9mil
Red: 20mil
White: 25mil
Blue: 30mil

These are the current prices cause they have gone up and if u have 1 now is the time to sell and wait for them to come down and buy another 1

whoa when was this from?..

Actually yesterday and these are the prices that are ussually around christmas i don’t know why they jumped so much but that is wat they where i asked like 100 people the prices of them and the average was roughly this

well theyre way more now…go to world 2 fally park dude

yea blue p hat is atleast 36 mil red phat is like 29 mil white is about 20-25 mil

i thought u mean’t they where lower but yes that guy is right the purple green and yellow party hats are low but the red is like 28mil and the white like 27mil and the blue around 35-40mil i just found that out lol


here lemme help ya

yellow 18-21m
blue 42-46m

i wish i could afford these

wow they don’t even do anything u could have full dragon+granite maul 4 a blue hat!lol:twisted:@:D:D:D

Here is an updated price list of them and these are guesses as the new romor said this guy alchedd 200 blues lol:


I will buy ALL the phats you can get me for those prices!!! 50k for a blue phat? I’ll take 100 of them please.

Lol keyser finds every little detail and takes advantage. i like ur style :slight_smile:
if u are serious then i think he meant mil…lol.

Heck yah, i’d pay 1 mil for one, sure :slight_smile:

soz typing mistake i am so used to be saying 50k not 50 mil i will edit it soon thanks keyser lol!!!