party hats

what is your favorite color party hat? ill take a poll:
white: 2

comon its just for fun. doesnt any1 have a favorite?

Yea… your kinda likeing this double posting gig aint ya… do it again and its an official warning.

Btw i like white the most ^_^, and we have polls you can make

1.sorry i was just tryin 2 get people to post.
2.ok ill add ur vote

i think you are the lamest thing since slip knot, bball king! you joined today and you have edit 90 posts!!! what the hell is going on???

lol actually i joined yesterday and watch ur language please u might get a warning.

dont edit go around telling me to watch language bud! I ALREADY HAVE 2 WARNINGS WHY DONT YOU ADD A COUPLE MORE???

ok … settle down im pretty sure u will get a couple more.

where do u get santa hats?

u buy them from people. but what does that have 2 do with ur favortie p-hat color?

Hey mars, i would be obliged, you are hereby warned twice for flaming, posting off topic, and just being a jerk

Censor out those words too, I can’t.

Marusame, watch out, you might get banned 0.0

This isn’t anything to do with marketing.

Green’s my favorite. I like green… what can I say? :stuck_out_tongue:
Although, having all of them wouldn’t be a bad idea :smiley:

what the **** slipknot rocks hardcore man…you suck…im going 2 kill you becuase of this :twisted:

where do u get santa hats?

i like purple

Lol i like white…it goes with my hair :slight_smile: it is a shame that jagex never released black party hats hohg :cry:


Namey boy, the flaming and the double posting, cut both out

There is a user called Slipknot on this site that was what he was reffering to I think. My favourite colours are white and red.

lol thats probably slipknot under another name, but i think we can all agree that slipknot is a newb.

anyways, i personally like white the most, but if i had the money i’d get white, red and green to go with my god armor sets :stuck_out_tongue: i personally think the blue phat matches with practically nothing :?