party hats

Where do u get party hats from

It can only be bought from players and is an item that cannot be renewed. It used to be a drop years ago, but not anymore.

they can only be bought from players now but the were in party crakers witch was a christmas drop way back

yep but why would you want them? I personally believe its a waiste of money

----The Venom Dragon

Well said Venomdragonx.

They cost a lot of money and do nothing but look good. (Kinda like male models -See Zoolander)

There are a lot more items that are less expensive and do so much more!

They are more of a status symbol than anything else. Oh, and you can make a good profit by merchanting them!

Can you still crack party crackers these days? I don’t think anyone would dare to, incase the other player got the party hat.

fruitybird, there are few crackers left, but yes you can still crack them, but the crackers are worth over 50 mil

mm actualy calenel, x-mas crackers r worth 25-30 mil, not over 50mil

today phats r only i sign of wealth and my friends cuz has like 10 and im trying to get 1 for free cuz she bought them when they were only worth like 1k. her cuz also gave away 10 white phats and 20 crackers cuz she wasnt gooing to play anymore. it just so happened that she is playing again so im trying to get some extras to sell so if i get 2 ill see if im willing to sell 1 to