Party Members!

How about you get party members?You get them while you travel in different places like when you travel and travel and u meet up with a npc and they ask you to finish a quest they’ll be in your party you still get items from the quest and qp though

I like the party members idea but you really don’t need it in a game like RuneScape…there is no point with an npc following you around cause then you could hook up with all the quest ppl and finish all the quests while walking since they are constantly following you around instead of meeting them again.


yea whats so funny about it -.-

coz ur the king and they r the slaves,lol just joking

what the heck do u mean!!! ur the king and theyre the salves? what the…

those things are for games like final fantasy and stuff, this is a game for one person only, but if you want a party with you, just make multiple accounts, log them in at the same time and get banned

lol u dont get banned i hope…

its means ur they r the slave and follow u around,get it? its a figure of speach.

if they just follow you around, but don’t help you that’s fair, i guess it would make lots of people have a party and the game would lag, but whatever, you have your ideas, fight for them

or maybe if they follow us around and do nothing, well i dont mind practising on them,lol