payin 35k for a banner

i am paying 35k for a banner that has a rocky cliff background with a ranger on top of it with the words Dark Assassins in granite letters on the cliff

ill try. WIll u be willing to pay more?

i only hav 35k to spare but if its really gud i mite

comon some1 price now 45k

ill try it…

Anything for the money, huh Guns? Lol.

lol you know me so well. well actually ive got about 2.5 mil so im not “that” desperate. Also i enjoy making gfx and it beats Cutting yews or fishing lobs or something to get money.

You know it. Lol. If I still had my old account (it got deleted/hacked/or banned) then I would make gfx for money but I don’t need it.

Um…yeah…basically. =p

Here’s mine…I couldn’t do the cliffy archer thingy…I tried. It sucked. I did this. Not much. Very simple, but…hope you pick it!


wow thats brill pm me in game for money :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx whats ur rs name?

noooo wait for me at least i can make a way better one… no offence

edit: heres mine. I hope you like. I can take out animation if you want. I jsut thought it looked cool. I can also leave in jsut the rain or just the lightning.

dude thats great ive alredy paid evil 4 his but ill giv u 35k as well :stuck_out_tongue:

a. That’s not way better.
b. They look about equal, yours has a ranger thats way too small to be seen and the font is bad, and I used paint. So therefore, I’m guessing they’re about the same: 8/10. Booyah.

umm evil soz but his is way beter its exactly wat i asked 4 and its got good graphix and animation and the rangers ment 2 be small coz hes in the distance

A. That pWns yours, yours is prolly made in paint
b. theres no b :slight_smile:

lol owned. Btw evil i actually followed the criteria too

Wholy geeze take it easy…it’s not a war…I really don’t care if your’s is better, or which one he chose…just as long as I got paid…=)

PS: Good Job Gunz.