paying 50k for animated sig!

right now i need a sig and if i liek ur sig out of all the sigs u win 50k sry if it is not much :sorry:
The requirements:
says phoenix1300
75 + combat warrior
level 74+ woodcutter
level 50 + prayer
and atlast i want a phoenix picutre i will post one if i find one!
Use your creativeity to win!
post if u have any more questions
:gangster: ~phoenix1300~

here are some picture that i found
sry for dupble posting

Dude this is mine!

No one take this.

I will make it when Photoshop ships to my house.


I need to do this one, just got scammed outta 1 mil…
I’ll be working on it.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

EDIT: Do you mind if I use a different pic than the one’s you provided? I found a really cool one on Google.

Well here’s mine, hope you like it:

BTW, imageshack wasn’t working, that’s the reason I used

If you pick mine, remember to give me credit and write “Sig made by Michaelks” in your sig.

k thx everyone i will wait then…

ok htne i will weait until u guys r ready or until people got a good sig that i want

lol thanks i will remember to post that and i am waiting for other contasttant and could u make a border and make it wirds appearing and disappearing? that be great but dont blame me if u made it and then sum 1 beat u =p

I’ll give it a go.


If I win I’ll give you the code when I get the money. PM me at S A Gogeta90 when I’m on if I win. If not no hard feelings and good luck to the rest of you.

is it a yes u will do it or no u will nto sry i am bad at english =p
off topic: A- in english =p

BTW kupiton i am waiting for you to get done too how many days will it take for u to get ur photoshop tell me or pm me

I updated up post check out the signature and see if you like it. BTW, I ment it as I’ll try and I will.

Ok, I’ll try that.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks[

i dont know if u win yet tho mayb but i still need more ppl =p sorry but i have to say that i liek micheal’s better sorry

Ok, I trust you to not take the signature without paying me if I win.

i wont and i kinda edited that cuz i didnt want to say that

OK, then I guess I didn’t win. GL to anyone else who is gonna try.

sorry again but thanks for trying maybe you can try again in the future

Im giving it another shot.

lol great try to beat michael’s lol still machael i am waiting…lol

Sorry lol. Owl’s chat program is pretty addicting…

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here:

I’ll be fixing mine though. CaptainZap (Yes, THE CaptainZap) just gave me advice on making frames :D.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks