Paying up to 35k runescape cash for a pic

I need someone to make me a profile pic. ill will pay 5k for it. if you do an outstanding job, ill pay you 20k. its ot the cash that im worried about.

you see this pic? its the best.

now, that size, that idea of put togetherness

id like a ganondorf pic that has a sharp image and looks as evil as evil can be. get the name “Deluxe” in there and use whatever special affects will work on the text. this is my current pic. i dont like the background image, and its a bit fuzzy in my profile.

you see how the gun shot is penetrating the first few letters? good put togetherness.

another thing id like to have in there, is a little quote with smaller text but can still be read in the size it is. same color, but make it nothing fancy. hopefully the pic fits this quote “You See This Look? Good, Cause It Kicks Ass.” now, i know its alot to do, and definitely a lot to read, which is why im even willing to go over the 20k value. 35k is as high as ill go. good cash for noobs.

now, the one thing that i ask is every so often ill ask you to change the name on the pic. hopefully that wont be to much to ask with the generous amount of cash im offering for runescape.

like i always do, i thnak you in advance

  • Under Z Fire

ill try but i think this should be in image market