paying up to 5,000,000 gp is someone

drew me a picture of an ancient/middle ages warrior and sword. The images have to be good of course. PM me if intrested and I will give you the pixel requirements.

what? someone drew you a picture alredy or do you want us to DRAW you one?

im interested… but more info plz.
sickmate 8)

5 mil… yer rite you just want loads of ppl 2 give u good pics!!!

some1 plz lock this forum

JeDaS shut up, hes paing 5mil try your hand.

and y should someone lock this thread, theres nothing wrong with it newb

ya there is he is trying to get free pics when he says he is payin 5mil…sum1 of his lvl cant get dat much for his life…

Im interested…

I don’t even know his lvl! (You guys probably don’t either) Lol for all you know he actually has 5mil… But hey what’s the harm… Drawing a few pictures for no money… or 5mil gp… Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

hmmm i doubt u have that much spare money lolz

ya some of u guys stop flaming him, its not like if u drew something and he was lieing it would kill u. and this thread shouldnt be locked

fer god sakes…