People have said it before and i am saying it now

Free players need updates. i wish that their was atlease a new quest or two or access to the dueling arena or any increased access at all. no glass crafting fletching herblore slayer or thieving stinks i wish we could go to entra in free players.

Hey man I bet you spend more on lollies/sweets or magazines than you would on being a member. Just don’t be lazy and pay for it like us members. P2p get 5 skills and f2p get the rest. Think about it.

I spend my money on food and bills! That was a really stereotypist thing you just said! Not all of us are loaded with money and high paying jobs! SOME people have more immportant things to spend money on than a dumb game!

YOU think about it!
:evil: :evil: :evil:

i totally agree with diggity

u dont get it, f2p wont get anything new! u want something new, pay for it!

I’m tired of hearing people say Members are multimillionaires or sumthin.
IT’S ONLY 5 BUCKS!!!shoot i spend more money on a happy meal at macdonals for god’s sake!!!

All the free players need to understand something. The free worlds are only to get you introduced and hooked to the game. you already get 20 something quests, and like 15 skills, and all that for free!!!

if you want more, pay the money (unless you live in some 3rd world country, then i don’t know what to tell you)

Yeah hes right… i not rich and im a memb it is not that much… just dont go out to eat so much or ask ur boss for a raise.

all im asking for is a new skill a new quest or two or access to just a little more area. i dont care which one i just want more. i have explored every inch of the free world other than the wilderness and dont have anything to do but mine in the dwarven mines like i always do.

Well I don’t even have a job I manage my pocket money so i can pay for my membership! I am not rich I am very poor actually. If you think it’s a DUMB game why do you care so much about being a member then? If yo really want to be a member manage your money better.

Reiken7 you can’t say " I totally agree with diggity you have to add to the convostion or that’s just spamming.

yep… that is totally what i think.

Diggityfunk, you are the one that is being stereotypical. You think every member is rich, or has a high paying job but you are wrong. I get money 3 times a year, and I have to pay for my insurance. I still can some how pay for members on RS. Also, if it is dumb, then why are you playing and complaining about wanting more things. If you have better things to do then you don’t need more things for the free version.

The differences between members and free players is that members don’t complain and actually pay. Free players make everything worse. I know like 5-10 people or so that are f2p that are actually cool. Every time something bad happened it was because of f2p. Holiday drops were stopped because of f2p. Scamming and hacking is like 90% more common in f2p. Begging and noobs are 100% more common in f2p.

I don’t see anything good in f2p that makes them deserve more than they already get. It is like any other demo for a game. Let’s take an xbox demo disc. Can you play any more of the game other than what is on that demo disc without buying the full version? No you can’t, that is what Runescape is like. If you want to play the rest of the game, buy the stinking thing.

no, u know what? i am not poor like all you, i am DIRT poor! i just cant afford to pay for memberships to games! i play runescape because i thought it would be good, since i thought it was free. How hard is it to give a SMALL donation yto free players is all I ask. None of you would understand…

If you are dirt poor and can’t pay for members I guess that is something that will taunt you, But don’t say you wouldn’t understand because we were all F2p one time or another.

YOu know what? Screw big words like “stereotypical”. What about people with parents taht think its a waste of money taht could be spent of somthing better like a book you’ve read in class 10 times??? I could pay for… about a year and a half with just the money in my pocket, but my parents wont let me. If they payed monthly for a game that I played online, I would get some other $15 MMORPG game. I have X-Box live, but thats because every 1 out of 5 people in my school have it and my parents pittied me.

Diggityfunk, everything the F2P people have is a donation from P2P. Who do you think pays for all the servers that Jagex needs to keep buying for all you guys? Who pays to keep the servers up and running? Who pays for everything that Jagex makes for RS? P2P pay for it all, so don’t think you need another donation when you already get a huge chunk of the money P2P people spend a month on the game.

wrong, ice. Jagex gets a ton from ads, ya know. more than members, anyway!

I agree with you Iced. I am a f2p (only becuz my parents wont let me become a member) but i understand that JaGex won’t add anything new to f2p becuz they have a business to run. Whenever they add more to p2p they increase their profits becuz their is more incentive for f2p people to become p2p. i dont blame them at all for the way they run their business. JaGex wouldnt get any mor profits by adding things to f2p.

last time i checked, i was allowed to say how i feel…

I don’t know why f2p’s are complaining Runescape is like one of the only free RPG that is actually fun if you want more things than become a member I mean it’s only 5$ a month and don’t be complaining because you wont more quest or a skill how is Jagex going to pay for everything if you dont become a member

just to show how CHEAP the money for membership is, every month i shuffle through my sofas and find the five dollars to pay for membership :oops: (embarasment), its not that much for what you get