People say i dont die?

i was orginally going to go after some 92 and a 74 thats why i didnt attack cookie at first would waste too much time the 92 and 74 attacked my lvl 46 so i died on video not gonna tell how it happend.

watch it for ur self

also this is my first video ive made

scroll down and click free scroll down again and wait for ur download tickets

Woah these PK trips of yours are CRAZY!! You’re like… Awesome! Lol also nice job on making this video on your own.


Who killed you? And when I log on your name isn’t there, is your chat on friends? PS, check your Pms :wink:

argh…i hate when i run into high lv clans…anyway, that sucks and i hope they all get pked by damage inc

what level were u then?

rephras lol :wink:

people say u dont die???

Lmao, you saying that you will call di!
That’s what sucks about pking alone, doesn’t matter whether your a level 111, or a 126, a small group of 10 people that are levels between 80-100 would own you.

damn,that sucks.You just got jumped all of a sudden.

i did call di and they all died :stuck_out_tongue:

di or the pkers. Lol just kidding obviously pkers. U said it was ur first video. What level are u then? And why dont u have rune plate or dragon weapons

Was that on your noob? Or your main?

wow thats ur first video?? i thought that was like ur 10th =s

Congrats on the first vid
Also i like ur new sig.:slight_smile: