Perpetual Motion Machine

It’s an interesting thought, do you think it could actually possible? We would have to find a way to remove both gravity and friction…

Some background info:

Perpetual motion - Wikipedia

Well we already know how to generate gravity, but we haven’t actually applied gravity generating to anything yet because we don’t have the technology to do so. To do so you first must be in space, then to get some gravity the spaceship your in must spin very fast (Since Shuttles/Soyuz are small). Or you get a tube in a spaceship and spin that to generate gravity.

And for the friction part I dunno if that’s possible. I don’t see how you get actually get rid of it.

if you’re in outer space, there is no friction… because what causes friction is matter (gas, liquid, solid), and in outer space there is none… so i guess in space it’s possible to make a Perpetual Motion Machine :slight_smile:

yes, in space perpetual motion is possible :wink: But is it on earth? Hmm…

Space is not a perfect vaccum, so you’re both wrong.

Space has some friction, just not noticable to a certain degree. Also, you can never make a perpetual motion machine on earth. So many variables would cause the machine to have drag, and thus cause it to stop.

It does seem possible i could be made but i don’t think so on earth theres so maany of those laws of physics… in space maybe… jarjarisgod is right though space is not a perfect vacuum so yes… i think i might just shut up for a while.

in space it might work. On earth no chance

That works pretty well until you run into a black hole.

I know space isn’t a perfect vaccum, yet friction is almost unexistant, that’s why I said it might be possible to create a Perpetual Motion Machine in space ^^…

Even if there is a little bit of friction, energy is still being lost in vibration, heat, etc. There is no possible way to have a perpetual motion machine unless you have an absence of friction, which is impossible.