Personal Avatars

Lately I have been having trouble with people stealing my avatar. I have had a total of I believe, 4 people that have stolen my avatar. I think we should make it that once an avatar is used, it can’t be used by anyone else. With the certain avatars, you can tell who is speaking without seeing the name. People have become accustomed to seeing my avatar with me and everyone knows it is me when they see the picture. But now these copycats are stealing my avatar and sort of confusing people.

how about this once somebody has got that avatar then u should disable the 1 they have so nobody else gets it :wink: what do u thing good idear

That is exactly what I was trying to say, I’m glad someone understood it.

Yeah I kind of agree with you… I was customed to see some people with that one “stick figure blasting the stuffing out of the door but failed miserably” avatar with some certain people… I kinda got confused when I saw other people with the avatar as well… Kinda like that one “Goku powering up with that yellowish energy around him” avatar that a lot of people have as well… Hehe… I’ll just get an avatar that no one would ever want… Just have to find the address to it :P… Good luck hunting those people who stole your avatar down…

that is very true when i see that avater i see you

np mate just trying to help u out :wink:

I think i have a resolution…
=) just hope the mods allow it…

Hmmm, not bad. Not bad at all. The only thing is that I would still rather have it that people can’t copy the avatars.

people are still going to copy it because it’s one hosted at this site… you need to personallize it… so people wont want to copy it without running a risk of loosing it… because on my forums which are dead i could change avatars at my own pleasure… :wink:

If u spot some body with your avatar then ban them

im glad i could be of help :wink:

Exuse me while i party…

YAY! I HELPED SOME ONE IMPORTANT YAY! OOO OO OOO OO WOHOOOOOOO YEA! runs in to brick wall Ouch! Mommy! Sobbing Waaaa I wont party any more…

Walks Away Crying

Uhh… If it makes you feel any better… I think your new personalized avatar looks cool… (I’m still trying to look for mine :stuck_out_tongue: but nicely umm… Personalized…)

yes, but some ppl have the same (i.e. site default) but i can tell that kbdkc’s is faith and a cross and all this stuff so i think so too… i dont want people seein my new avatar…

maybe if people wont go for this it shoul at least apply to mods or ie high ranked people cuz they deserve that for their commitment to rsr

You can’t just abn somone for using another person’s avatar.It is a site default and may be used by all, But yes IcedEarth when I see that avatar even with see’ing yuor name on it I know it will be you with a helpful\informing post.
BTW: Here’s a blended background with your name in it,But you don’t have to use it.

i agree fully with this idea cause i dont like having to read the names of people unless if i have to i always look at the avatars

yea :o, thats so annoying, depowerer stole my avatar which was custom made for me by jacob, its annoying that he’s using it aswell. (he dosen’t even know what it means either)

its not stealing if its in the rsr gallery… theres a whole gallery for everyone to use

Can anyone make me something like Iced’s? (with my avatar.)

Infiltrator I would love to but im not sure how to put your naem in that because it is moving…I could make one thats not moving for you?