Personal life help

I’m going through the stage in life when i’m feeling in love, anyone gonna help? I’m sorta gothic and in year 7 (12 years old)

This girl who i like is in alot of my classes and shes sorta into the stuff i like

•She likes spongebob :stuck_out_tongue:
•Knows about rock
•Inteligant yet hides it out of class

Any help?

And I’m moving to Bendigo(Victoria in Australia) soon so i gotta act quick

if ur looking for advice, dont be stupid enough to try to find it on RSR

Dude, I’ve seen it work for ppl on this site so don’t bother!

How soon are you moving? You dont want to ask her out say, she says yes and then a week later you have to move, because that would just plain suck. If she has the same intrests as you try to maybe hangout with her at recess or whenever you can and see what happens, you know maybe she secretly likes you!


Well, I’m not sure when but my parents gotta sell the house and get the visas so i dunno, I was gonna say to her “I’m moving in a month so will u make my day?” but then thats mean cus i’m lieing

no dont say that u dont wanna offend her…be nice and just be yourself…do you know nething that she likes, and if you wanna ask her out ask her if she wants to like walk around(if you both live in a town) it works for me thats how i got my gf now and i’ve been wit her for almost 3 months, then slowly bring up that you like her while your on that walk and see if she feels the same way

“you gotta grab it… and hump it into submission.” The late patches o’hoolahan :twisted:

There was a girl who was like that in my senior class of high school… Liked SpongeBob dearly, was intelligent but hid it in class (She hid it by acting like a total ditz), and I’m not sure she was intelligible about rock… She was really annoying though… Sorry, I really can’t help you there… Only thing I can say is tell her how you feel before you move, if she rejects you then be like “Oh well, I’m moving in a few so I can start all over”… Sorry that I’m not much of a help…

well if your only 12 srry to say but i think your maybe infatuated…in love with being in love…not to be mean though… but u should tell her that u like her and if she feels the same way then maybe in time u will learn what love is…so i wish u the best of luck…


Thanks guys! I’ll try and whoever is dissing me don’t bother!