personal moving shop opening 2morra!!!!!!!!!!

i have a moving shop which is very good you can buy things or exchange them in for other things we have a large selection and would apreci8 donationd. otherwise come alone. i am avaliable in all places!!! write your comments below and ideas to make beta

be u could show us what you are selling

sure, on sale at the moment are these following items:
dimond ring
724 feathers
gold ring
steel helmets full
addy helmet full
leather chaps
addy legs
black legs
mith chain
rune chain
steel pl8
black pl8
21 laws
addy dagger §
black dagger
black kite
mith sq shield
black sq shield
black warhammer
mith skimmy
oak shortbow
oak longbow
steel axe
iron axe
22 iron bars
fishing rod
small fishing net
3 furs
blood’n’tar snelm
blood’n’tar snelm(Different types)
9 grey wolf furs
magic staff
56 coal ores
13 gold ores
blue yellow and red flowers
blue flowers
21 steel javilins
tinter box
red cape
19 bolts
5 bronze t knifes
elemental shield
attack potion(3)
steel sword
68 iron knifes
2 steel knifes
18 steel darts
2 bronze darts
addy skirt (T)
addy kite (T) both starts at 200k for both coz of som1 else wanting
iron helmet

all ores up to gold can be mined and sold, some steel things can be made all iron things can be made and sold, cow hides can be gotten and meat also can ask for things or order things below.

that sounds kool… could u get rune ess? and i’ll buy for 10 ea. i am a bit poor atm

I hire you to get me cow hides for 100gp each, have to have at least one thousand for me to buy though, I will always buy as many as you have. If you want to do it send me a pm.

can i join ur store i sell jewalry :slight_smile:

oh can i join 2 i make weapons/armour and some jewlry, and i can enchant things up 2 emrald