Pest Control

I think it is the biggest and best way to get xp… i get 600 range xp every time plus wat i get in game this ownz type feedbacks and thoughts bout game

whats that?

lol read update

Wait, only range exp? can u raise mage exp too?

can u raise anything else othe than range?

all combat stats can be raised, just not all at the same time

so can mage be raised or not?

yeah it can

do u have to wear anything like c wars when fighting cuz i would train my strength there with dharocks.

its like cw read the update and press pest control it explains everything

its an awsome way to get exp

It’s a very odd game, it’s not as fun as castlewars or anything because it only lasts about 3 minutes. I don’t understand the repairing part, and the void knight always dies in five seconds lol.

It’s weird, but once i get everything straight ill probably end up liking it more.

the forumula for stats is the lvl ur training squared divided by 6 and 12 for pray

Does it give 4xp per damage or is it like Abyss and only gives you 1xp per damage?


the normal 4

its normal xp

I might try it out… Any rewards from it? Cause i really would like some more cash or something… Lol


yes cash. some1 higher im lvl 83 says he gets 4k a time suprised by this i get like 200 gp per

600xp every 20 min? you gotta be kidding me…

every 20 min lol… r u kidding its like every 3 min