I’ve seen people do it before and I told my mom about it. So she said that if I got 200 signatures on this petition, she would let me be a member.
Private Message me to add your name.

  1. IcedEarth15324
  2. Source19
  3. Sickmate
  4. grp-ranger
  5. raven 124
  6. skate ilkley
  7. Short man1
  8. Ogothefat
  9. drkhero
  10. owl
  11. Lord Serek
  12. Redwraith0
  13. Thraceblade
  14. Thrace Claw
  15. lord_ankit
  16. Arimosa
  17. jtg920

Make it so they send you a pm, because I don’t want to see a topic with 200 people saying, add me.

P.S. I will sign your petition, but please change it to be a pm.

Ok, I added you and changed it. Thanks Iced.

You can count on me :wink: Congratulations if you get members…and don’t forget to thank us after you do :smiley:

:gangster: ~Raven

i made a petition… and it worked!
sickmate 8)

count me in

I signed Sickmate’s and it worked for him. In the meantime, I’m still F2P as I’m too much of a noob to be a member yet. Feel free to add my name to your list.

Yea u can add me 2 on that list

Yup, you can add me to your list as well. Good luck becoming a member.

Thanks everyone. I’m gonna need all the signatures I can get.

just gotta say, 200 is alot, and will your mom be checking every name? =D can make a few up :slight_smile: count me in, it doesnt hurt

I know owl, that’s what I said. I’m trying to get her to lower it. Right now I’m not having any luck though.

OKay! You need to be a member! Count all of my accounts, Lord Serek, Redwraith0, Thraceblade, Thrace Claw :stuck_out_tongue:

w00t! Thanks Red!

Count me in

At this rate, I’ll be there in no time.

Please do as Iced said and send monkeyboy3942 a PM, rather than fill this topic up with “count me in”'s.


-=~ J.T. ~=-