Do u have a pet?
i have a dog called jade,shes really smart and shes 13 old,a bit older than me!
my sister has a cat,called misti
but anyway
do u have pets?
would u like to have?

PS:even if you dont post plz vote

i have a pet dog his name is buddy…he just turned 7 on January 1st and hes already like 100+ lbs hes a white boarder collie/st bernard mix. i want a cat though just to have it in my room but my mum wont let me b/c buddy will eat it…

i have 1 of the most hardist cats to get witch is a white 1 i called it patch cause it has a small patch on his head i have 13 fish and thats make up to about 20$

I have a dog Named Cleo
She’s a Bichion Frise (french poodle/terrier)
like not even 1 year old

I have 1 Red Eared Sliders Turtle
My sister has 1 RES too
I have 3 fish also

i have a dog named Buddi(she is a she)who is a nice boarder collie that likes to chase our cats Pumkin(an orange fat cat) and zippy(a black and white cat with the need for speed)

they are very nice pets

i have 45 fish in a stream going through the garden and a dog called fudge