phantom crusaders recruiting warriors,archers,mages@cooks

i am recruitin a clan with archers warriors and mages.mages must be between 40 and 50 maging.archers must have full studded or better and warriors must have 40-50 str. and 40-45 attack and full mith or betterand a rune skimmy.i need 1 cook 45 cooking and 40 fishing.we will have pking trips,b-day parties,and any one who joins before christmas will be invited to a christmas party.we will have meetings once a month and pking trips (as many as possible.) the cook will get hooked up with equipment and money(money paid depends on loyalty and skill)if any one wants to join then post here or put bling680 on your freinds list and ask him.girls and boys accepted. i need 9 warriors,10 mages, and 5 archers. :mrgreen:plz post plz post plz post plz post plz post plz post plz post plz post

my account name is kerriberri and im and archer.
im 30 archery and combat lvl 26
my defense is 17 so im close to wearing a studded body which i already have
My cooking is 34 with fishing 28 :smiley:
I am sure u can bend the rules for me and add me to ur clan

ok add me and ill talk to you tonight on the game :slight_smile:

hey im a lvl 17 guy but my fishing and cooking are both 35 i want to know the benifits of joining this clan like money or something for suplying food

I will join too i am a warrior





rs name is “adam1711” what world do we go in

some cooks and warrors for my clan conctet me by mbar9

if u want me still ill help im a mage and a worrior

attack is 32



mage:25 (but i can still do 11 dmg) its ok… not great

yeh well check me out and gimme a response

k then am going to see were i am then am going to post aging were i am