~~Phoenix Clan Recruitment~~




Hello there possible recruit, if you are interested in joining a very active, helpful, and above all fun clan you have come to the right place! Read on to find out more.

Why Should you Join?

Our clan has events, including drop parties worth tens of thousands! We always keep the clan active, and the activities and events enjoyable. We have meetings once a month or so. We also have have other parties and events so people in the clan can socialize. You will know the people of this clan well, and make many friends soon. This is the perfect clan for almost anyone. The requirements are level 60+ combat to join, but if you’re 40+ there is still hope. We’re offering a junior clan for members with combat 50+. Currently, our clan is quite small. Small clans are good because if too many people go on a drop party or PK trip, your chances of getting anything is really low. In the Phoenix Clan everyone gets a part of the kill, weather you helped or not!


So you think your ready to join up? Well not so fast. First we need to make sure you meet the set requirements for the Phoenix Clan. You need to be at least level 60+ combat.

If you meet those requirements you can move onto the application process! If you don’t meet the requirements there is still hope. Skip on to the junior clan offer to find out more!

Senior Clan Application Process

Okay, you meet the senior requirments. Now we need to apply for the clan. To do so click here and read all of the important pinned topics near the top.

Junior Clan Offer

If you do not meet the senior clan requirements don’t worry. The Phoenix Clan offers the lower levels a chance to enter the junior clan! The requirements for the junior clan are 40+ combat. If you wish to join the junior clan, fill out an application by clicking here. Read all the pinned topics near the top, as they are important.


I’d like to thank you for reading this. I hope you intend on joining the Phoenix Clan!



yo im level 65 and i have a high fishing level and a fair smithing lv. im looking to join a clan my sn is KnightofSnow oon rune scape i would like to lear a bit more on your clan if you think im worthy of joinging