phoenix inc. shop

to order something simply post this form below (please note that if i do not like the offer it will be invalid)

1)runescape name
3)number of items
4)how much you will buy for

me and my company will get your order to you soon

valid orders

rune t pl8 400k lokevin
eaglesfan21 2k steel bars 1mil
10k ess 350k 1434runescape

rsn: baller big t
id like: 1k copper and tin - 8ea (16k) + 1k iron ore- 45ea (45k) + 1k willows - 20ea (20k) + 1k maples 50ea (50k) = 131k

i want rune (t) pl8 plz
1 of it

rsn - ben_mitch

i would like - 1-2k iron ore [45ea], 1-2k coal [130ea], 1k willows [20ea]


2k steel bars

alot of iron ores 50 each

1)runescape name- Darth Rune 5
2)item- Law Runes
3)number of items- 5
4)how much you will buy for- 2K (because they are in bulk)

-Iron Ore
-55 Each

hello… get me:(wutever u wanna get)

1k tin ore=10k
1k copper ore=10k
1k bronze bars-25k
1k iron ore=50k
1k silver ore=140k
1k coal=150k
1k gold ore=225k
1k raw lobs=150k
1k raw swordies=200k
1k raw tuna=70k
1k uncooked plain pizza=250k
10k ess=350k
10k air runes=150k

username: 1434sweet

man your picky. why’d i even bother ordering here? lol. you probably wouldn’t even accept 100 ea for 1k iron, would you? but whatever…

actually i would accept 100ea for 1k iron

lol, of course you would! who wouldnt? i was being sarcastic. but anyways, there is one word to describe this: greedy.

actually look at it this way… the ingame price!

lol what r your prices?