Photoshop brushes?

Erm… I was just wonderin… How to access brushes after you save and open them. When I save em they go to my desktop and when I open them it goes to photoshop. Then… What do i do to get to them? =p Thxers

When you open up the brushes window there should be and arrow or triangle thing click on it and scrool down. There should be a option that says load brushes. Click on it then load your brushes. Then black smoke will rise from your computer and you’ll never be able to use it again. Forget the last thing. It will actually go KABOOMY! and you can use you brushes! have fun~!

ok thx =p now… new question =) yes im a pest but… how do u download fonts from dafont and use them in photoshop?

download. save. control panel. appearance and themes. in the left hand corner click fonts. copy the font file then paste in the font folder. KAABOOM! its done! Have FUN!!

font folder? =p