Does anyone know how to get Adobe Photoshop CS or CS2 for free.
I don’t want it off limewire or get it from a trail.
I just want it for ever so that I can make better signatures and improve my skills.
You can pm me or email me at about getting either one of these programs.

Limewire is the only real way to get it for free.

Or if you know anyone irl whos bought it, then lend the disk off them.

There are other programs to download it from though…

I got a trojan on my computer!
Argh! I tryed limewire…I guess it didn’t work:frown:.

Limewire is full of null files that are just filled with viruses/other nasty stuff.

You just have to check to make sure your downloading something (moderatly) clean…

I did a system restore but now I’m paranoid about going on limewire again…

Limewire is SAFE aslong as you have an Anti-virus. I recommend Norton Anti-Virus 2006, complete with firewall and spyware protection.

i got 10 spyware from darn limewire…never use limewire!!!

i usse lime wire to downlaod ipod songs i don’'t have virus cuase i have Norton Anti-Virus 2006

Mm… coming from a Limewire Pro user:

Limewire is fine so long as you RIGHT CLICK the file you want to download - click ADVANCED and LOOK UP WITH BITZI.

This will check if it has any viruses.

dont know soz