pic of rune gloves pl0x :D!

can someone please show me a pic of rune gloves on you… cause i really would like to see em :slight_smile: lol… just wana see if they look cool for my runre pure when i get mems

they’re glove like and they’re blue.

yes i know they look like like regular gloves but blue

you don’t have any member friends to show you them ?

…rune…gloves? neva heard of em

anagnos…you get access to buy them after that 100th quest thing…there is also dragon and barrows gloves…though not labeled that

the name ultimo makes me angry…and frankly, I didnt even know that rune gloves excisted yet, man I missed more then I though. So their just gloves the color of rune i guess?

they look different from regular gloves, and they look terrible when you wear them, I got chaos gaunts.

They give 8+ to strength… Barrows/Dark give +12.


How exactly do you get them?
sickmate 8)