Pics From The Rsr Pk Trip

I was the only one to die (I think) I always seem to be the first… Oh well, Here some pics:
Getting ready to leave

Heading to Giants

When I died i got some armor and went back out
Us owning some level 89

Still trying to kill him…

Unfortunately we didn’t get any kills…It was still fun though

Yeah well it was still fun next time though when I have one which will be in a week or two we are going to need more rangers and mages.

cool… even though u didn’t get any kills… i hope u have better luck next time :wink:

wasnt there a video to? anyways, as soon as i left the party and was heading back some ***** ***** who were trailign us killed me :frowning:

those are cool, i got a pic too:

im the one with melee protect on, dying

Sorry about any deaths that happened in the pk trip but see the guy with the full addy and mith square that is me owning this 82 guy I wasn’t owning yet but I was a little after.

Next time i might come. I’ll be a ranger :slight_smile:

and i was the idiot with the chef’s hat. oh and there’s a drop party happenign to, check the thread.

Yeah I noticed I just signed up. The next pk trip has been confirmed too. I really wished that we would have gotten that 90 mage kill though lol.

I’ll try to stay the whole pk trip next time, but I had to go to a clan pk trip. Nice pics!

how do u get or make pics???

hey infiltraitor was your clan the one that killed me? because i know one of them had a red cape on.

Kewl yo… wht lvl r u pps…?
i really wanna join, i could be a mage… :slight_smile:
i am lvl 64 combat

I hope you realize this isn’t a clan :?..

lol… i know this aint a clan, i just wanan go pking with u ppl!
it would be soo much fun, as i hear from teh ppl who went