picture contest prize is 50k

read every thing here before starting to percipitate ( i think thats how u spell it.)

ok u have to find me in world 9 its a members world sorry free worlders.

well this is what you need to do.

Find me by right clicking on me my rs name is dontblink2.

also get what my character looks like in the pic.

also you must post the picture here thats why i put it on the screenshot section.

good luck to every one :smiley:

sorry for the double post but i want every one to post here before trying to find me.

Perhaps you should go in a non-member world. Then more people will participate.

i got things to do in members world so i thought i would make it in the members world.

by the way every one i will be in catherby world 9 look for me there :wink:

Aww.I am free person. :frowning: But i’m bad at art. :stuck_out_tongue: If joilo find this topic he wins pretty much… 8)

its not a contest of talent you just need to find me and take a pic

what city u in, and you cant be in any guilds lol, and you cant change cities, or go somewhere REALLY hard to find lol.


any1 can find u in cathy,u should at least lower prize to like 25K

killyou ross just found me and i can make the prize what ever i feel like :wink:

im tryna upload the pic but my comps goin super slow!, lemme turn it off for a while. then ill upload it.

ok take your time :smiley:

hehe bk, and heres the pic of you and ure name up :).

yay never seen my name from some one elses point of veiw

and heres a pic of me character since u can only see the back of me in that pic :wink:

is it over

obviously, thats what he said…i found him in about 2 mins of it starting lol.

yes as u can see ross got the pic

Darn I was trying to find you.