picture from new quest

sorry i did not get a picture of the vampire, i totally forgot, but here is the skeleton dog guy

Pretty cool, one question, Are you obsessed with the new quests or what? you do them on like the first day lol, I shall call you brother from now on, ok?

Wow, cool…Was it a fun quest? How many qp did it give?

robotgangsta yeah i am obsessed with quests, i have done them all, and it gave two qp, oh and yea you can call me brother
ps: the only reason i did not do it earlier is because people were on the computer and i just got on

I wish I was a member but oh well… I think the skeleton dog thing looks really cool… Kudos to Jagex for making it look really cool…

Sweet brother, I was just asking about the quest stuff though lol.

Looks good, btw nice armor :smiley:

lol thanks cyclops

same as me, that quest was fun i did it yesterday lol (when it came out), that dude that hits 30s with the iron knifes is crazy lol, and its hard getting the boatman to take let you use his boat, i had to go to the bank loads of times to get extra stuff lol.

also, that monster is SOOOOOOO easy, i 4 hit it…i swear its got like 50hp odd.

yea i killed that guy in like 10 seconds or maybe less hahah

i got really annoyed. first i had to go make the steel weapons which i didn’t mind. go and see the boatman and need to fill up my drids pouch. i very rarely use it so ifilled it up and got atked by loads of ghasts and had too waste it :frowning: but yes the monster is easy and over all it is a very fun quest

yea i did not know how much to fill my pouch so i filled it up 12 times lol, well with 12 mushrooms

dose it take long? if it dosent i might consider doing the quest

the quest is fairly short and easy, but preparing for it takes a while

i know all those steel weapons i guess i might do it. ugh but 2k exp in each stat :cry:

which quest is this again?

lol and getting to convince the boatman and answering the questions is annoying.

cool wats the quest calld was it hard

its called “in search of myreque”, and its not that hard, it depends what combat lvl you are.

looks ugly