pictures of seeds, for free people

In case the free peole r wondering the seed slook like this, i just found out about new skill, i was away all day so i on lty have a few.

thx ogo, i wanted to c those… i heard theres gonna be an f2p runecraft update, do u know if thats true?

id die if they let u make nats…
i would spend about 60k on ess. to get ti to 44 to make em and to get 5x airs if they updated rc i would be so happy.
also if u could make chaos i would pk there so much!!!

Yeah if they let f2p people make chaos… Oh boy I wonder what’d happen lol. Also those new seeds are pretty cool… How will they come in handy with the new farming skill next month?

what do u do with those seeds???

i hate this idea…i mean cmon! farming?! who wants to farm as a skill. “lets see, how many tomatoes would i have to farm to get to lvl 90 farming? hmm…” geez Bad part on JaGex i think…
O and if u look on updates, upcoming this year theyll have Horses you can ride and a carpentry skill! Yay lets play with wood and nails and hammers! sounds fun…*sarcasm.

i think it is true about the f2p runecraft update…they posted it on the site so it probably is true…oo yeah…thx ogo 2 for postin those seeds…do you know what kind of plant they grow into yet??..

what would there be to update for F2P on runecrafting anyways? i mean they cant move the alters just becus they can…

well it said something about makin stuff to help make the runes…heres a quote from the site…

lol they are not going to give f2pers the option to rc chaos…and yea, i’m looking forward to the farming skill, unlike chaosnoob :stuck_out_tongue:

yo ogo are the seeds for non members? or jsut members? :frowning:

there just for members…

well… looks like when i was gone worker handeled all questions, thanks to u, and yeah seeds are members, but im excited !!! i think itss be cool, planting a wadder melon will be fun, i think also, and i wonder how they will let us make more runes faster…

I went to dyanor…where jagex said the new seed guy was…he wasnt…but his pigs were there!!!

P.S.hmmmm there probly going to have new tele spells to let u get to the rune alters faster…

To Ogothefat 2, thanks for sharing the pictures of seed with the F2P-ers.

Brown Wall, I think we are due to get new items. I think the “new route” will be NPC(s) who teleport people to the altars (guessing here).

Well i know that they have already made the talismans cos i semm them on the rs website.
Go to guide section, then runecrafting, then go to the talismans then open a pic of 1 in new window. Then change the name of the tally in the url bar, eg from body talisman to soul, or death, or blood.

You’re right! I remember that post. It COULD be the update.

gahhh…u make it sound so scary…but i get ure point nonetheless

250th post…this is heavenly (after 7 months of continuous posting)

they will let members make death, soul and blood. the talismans are hidden on the runescape website. goto runescape skill guide, runecraft, and open a pic of a tali in a new window. then change the name “body.gif” for example, to “death” “blood” or “soul” .gif or whatever. They come up!!
sickmate 8)

i hope they give u a way 2 tele 2 the altars…=O train rc and mage at the same time