Pis of you in rs

put some pics of you in rs heres my link kinda crappy pic but its me

I can’t really get a pic right now…but nice dragon and gold!


Lmao, that must have taken you a while to put in those pics xgodchaserx! :slight_smile:
Guthix, eh?
Only thing I like about it is it’s the cheapest armor rofl.

Nice Pics GC, whose Lady Romance :wink:

So… You just went through those pics looking for friends?
Lady Romance is a friend of mine.

And the pics took about 5 mins to get from Imageshack…

Lol no, the name is catchy… Get on AIM!

Can’t get on right now.

:frowning: Okay, and Rahwaydog, the title says “Pis” of you in RS :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont get what the pic is bout…

random pics of me wearing diffrint things :stuck_out_tongue:

You just had to come and show me up blink…

And everyone else! =p

:frowning: I don’t have any cool clothes, I sold everything so I have tons of cash :frowning:

I couldn’t figure out how to take a screenshot on Macintosh. Oh well, I would probably look terrible compared to both barrows screenshots.

Tsk tsk, it’s sad how the girls look now. Blink, I don’t blame ya for changing to a guy, I did the same myself.

(I became a member a week ago, and this is my new look when i train agility or whtever…)

(bone spear, duin an emote)

(a cloak i got from tix at CW)

(posion look…lol)

Just some pics of me…
http://www.xthost.info/rshelpers/pking_01.avi - a pking vid of me earlier; I didn’t get the kill lol.

nice i cant get pic!

Heres me , first one , warior outfit , second one , mining outfit