Pixel Stretch + Gift for Blaze (really pleaseD)

im really pleased with this.

Wow, you and Demon re getting really good fast :stuck_out_tongue:
The only thing I suggest is do something other than pixel stretch. Not that it doesn’t look good, but you won’t do anything else ^^
Fix the sub text.
7/10, it looks really nice.

That’s nice! I see that’s why you needed my help on MSN :D.

BTW, who’s Blaze?

Please, please, please stop with the pixel fonts :’( for my sake !! lol have some variaty!! :slight_smile:

Lol, Ariel ftw.

Arial rocks ^^

Wow, Demon and Arc, taking over GFX!! Fix the subtext, different font and blend the render. Its all good :smiley:


Yeah, I’m not good with fonts. BTW this was my FIRST Pixel Stretch ever, and I just wanted to try out a popular design.

Also I am not very good with text… any advice?

EDIT: Blaze Is Blazers2121

EDIT again: You use the Eraser to blend renders right?

Right, a soft eraser brush :slight_smile:

EDIT: sorry this is en_France on my bro’s pc, didnt notice it was logged in as him :blush:

wow thats nice i like it but i hate the text

You actually told Blazers about this? I didnt know he comes on RSR that much.

Thats awesome. Though there is something about the text “surviver of GOG” that just doesnt look right.

Hmm, want me to edit the topic title from (really pleaseD) to (really pleased)? Lol, it’s been bugging me since the day I saw this thread :tongue:.

aww man, arent i getting good at GFX fast too? lol…

its pretty cool, except me dont like the Survivor of GOG thing at all…the font is weird. otherwise, its pretty cool

Wow, thanks Arc! I love it man, it seems very well brushed and the “Blaze” Text is cool too! Thanks man!

Cough Cough…you forgot someone…

Anyway nice work there.
The only thing I’d redo would be the sub-text.

Yeah, the Sub Text was visitor but I didn’t really do it right (Was doing Alias’s tut).

That’s pretty nice, but the font is terrible.