Pixel To-Do list

This will be my pixel to-do list. I am making this because I need to put in priority my pixel list, as well as sort out my routine. This is also a place where you may come and watch my pixels come to life in the WIP sections. My pixels are ordered in pay rank. Basically the more you pay the quicker i get to yours :spin: don’t worry this is only to prevent TONS of cheap request and false hopes.

[li]Burnzie & R3d 1m-3m
[/li][li]Mr. Froster 1.7m (not to sure on making it…too complicated for too lil`)
[/li][li]Alias 1m
[/li][li]Jlec 850k
[/li][li]Bmac 600k
[/li][li]K0shi 500k

IF i missed you (wich i know i missed some) OR you want to boost yourself up the to-do list (by paying more) post here.

To request a pixel, personally talk to me via PM or AIM (chaostayoko@aol.com) YIM (chaostayok0@yahoo.com) or MSN (chaostayoko@hotmail.com).

My current Finished WIP

Burnzie and R3d

dam…im going to be waiting like a month…this sucks being poor

btw people feel free to bump this topic with positive c/c or a nice conversation.

I’m really impressed with your pixel work Chaos, well done :slight_smile:
You’ll be a rich man…

Rofl. I agree, Jolio.

I can’t wait 'till you do mine, Chaos.

Hmm, I really like the process on the Burnzie/R3d one. But what is that mace doing there?

Jolio’s sig makes me cry everytime, ill have to stop reading it :’(

Nice pixel work there Chaos :open_mouth: if i had 4mil i would buy one, but i don’t 9/10 :slight_smile:


hey chaos a question, wat font do u use for the pixels?

i think thats really good chous :smiley:

wow thnx jolio, and every one else… jp lol ty all appreciate it

oh and i use a different font every time, something that matches the theme of the pixel work

Can you tell me when your going to be done? cos the cash sitting in my bank keeps telling me “Screw him, buy full splintbark instead.” And once i go on an impulse buying spree, i dont stop :slight_smile:

lol hope its done soon cus i got loads of cash in my bank sitin there …3mil
and loads of items and gota get rid of junk soon

well its 3 mill, and i want to make it very detailed, besides haven’t you heard the saying “never rush art”?

Hmm, that one must have escaped me, never been a fan of art.

new update btw

nice , cant wait for shading

the first one looks like the girl is trying to get away from him kissing her hah. but yea they’re awesome. way better than i could do

that looks pritty sweet so far, cant wait to see final project

yeah i know, the first one was weird, but thats wgy they call is a WIP eh?

wat wip stand for??ive been seing alot latly and i was like wtf?

work in progress, all the noob pixelers are using it to look kool