PK (especially for dedmenwalkn')

i never really pked and i wanna klnow what you would recommend to bring into the wild, also, i need some tips on pking…
also, iwanna make a lil pking team, pm me if you wanna help me pk.


at least lvl 64 and up
um…thats it

P.S: im not a member so dont think we’re going higher than 48 lvl diff since thats the most f2p can go.

Clans are a good thing

F2p is full rune, 1 str pot, NO TELEPORT RUNES!!! and all swordies or lobs

P2p, depends on what your doing

Mage: no clue

Melee: Drag dagger §, abby whip or maul, full rune, super set, the rest of inven should be sharks

Ranger: Ranger helm, full black, 100-200 Rune arrows, range pot, super def pot, sometimes range boots depending on your proficiency, mage short, the rest should be sharks

thanx but i got hacked and im so poor i cant affored full rune, i only have full green dragon and like red mask…
what should i do here

Then dont pk, and i would suggest selling the mask relatively soon, i believe it goes for over a mil

Well, it won’t help much for the whole PK thing, but you could sell the red mask (to me…) then you’d have money :slight_smile:
Just an idea.


i might sell it too u but u need 1.2mill, i find it useless, i just wont sell it rite away, add flamable20\

(me) :wink:

Na. Not paying 1.2 mill for a mask… as you said, they’re useless :slight_smile:
I was gonna buy one back in the day when they were 800k each… wish I would’ve. Oh well. I’m not that desparate for a mask.

ive been told the best thing for p2p mages are zammy bottom wizard top mystic air/fire staff (water and earth arent powerful enoguh) runess preferably the best spells you can do if you are pure mage as another mage your lvl will bundle you with spells you can do but havent got the runes for. ermmm. glory diamond or saphire ammy. wizard or nome hat and lastly wizard boots if you can afford. please bear in mind that this was before split and mystic but its probably better cause you dont lose so much cash and its still good equipment if you get pked.

sorry for my collosal sig ive tried to shrink it but its not having any of it.

I was fightin a sara mage in the wildy he had sara staff, full mystic and was continuouly casting sara strike and earth wave

well im not p2p, and i cant afford full rune. what should i wear, im not a mage either so i wouldnt wanna wear zammy robes.