pk trip in 15 minutes

Join us on a pk trip in 15 minutes at 2:45 p.m. est in world 39 at edgeville bank…HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE

  1. Bring own food
  2. Bring own runes or weapons/armor
  3. Kill alot of People!!

I will come!!! What lvl are you? My rsn is coolcicada

im lvl 63 but i would use my pure mage if i had deaths! =I

How many other people are comin?

you and neobird but bring ur friends if u want

It’s kinda hard to get a pk trip organized in only 15 minutes =\

im coming on rsrranger

i’m i lvl 81 just to let you know…

Sry, to double post…I can go on my mage which is lvl 60+

ok it was kinda a last minute thing lol cuz neo is doing his fish stall thing and he doesn’t have alot of time to pk anymore soooo yea

so is it still on?

yea that would be good coolcicada cuz most of the ppl are around lvl 60

add dragonbaoz

im comigQ!!!

Are we going to go deep?

maybe it depends on how many ppl want to

we still are waiting for a few ppl so hurry!!!

the latest that we are waiting is 3 o’ clock soo hurry!!!

Where did you go?