PK trip in 25 mins

Hey im gonna have a Pking trip in about 25 mins… (10:00 ctl 11:00 eastern)

Must Bring all food and runes that you are going to use.

WE ARE GOING PAST LVL 20 so if ur scared to go past lvl 20 then dont come

Need at least 5 people to go.

post ur here if u are comming and your runescape name

world 57 (f2p, p2p are welcome to come)

when it is time ill tell u where to meet

I’ll come even though it’s 17 minutes past the hour. I’ll meet with you in Edgeville bank. My rsn is neobird43.

dude maybe if you gave more warning and time more people would come

25 mins is not enough time

i am coming

ill come
my rsn is in my sig

i wil come i wont be long

OK new time… everything on the top is same exept now the time will be at 1:00 est

thats 30mins from now every one thats comming post…if u alreasdy did post again so i know your comming