pk trip now~~!!

come to edgeville bank in world 21 for a pk trip we are leaving in 2 minutes!!

im there waiting lol i was with u on the other pk trip

lol you guys are froobs weve been pking for like 4 hours lol

come on rsr members pk trip now!!!

what world are u in???

… ur pking trips don’t go past 20… u should put thati n ur posts…

umm no we went to 46 bafter u left because u only stayed for 5 min…

who is that?

ranger moch5

ahhh u guys left without me

do u still wanna go?

i wanna pwn or get pwned m’kay? im at edgeville bank world 21

ok im in varrok me and my friend will meet u there in like 5 or 10 wut is r combat lvl

95 .

dude there are only 2 ppl left and we are pure mages lvl 26 and 29

I’m sorry I left. I was lagging really bad and it wouldn’t stop. It was taking a long time to log out in the wildy and I think i got killed. I haven’t gone back on yet. Well, happy pking.

when are u posting picks


I never took any pics. The other people did I think.