PK Trip Right now!!

Im having a pk trip right now! If you wanna come post below.

Where:Varrock, world 31 (non members)
When: In 5 mins!

Please come!

i dont have the lvl for it but can I come??

Sure! We need as many ppl as we can get. We will be meeting in varrock east where there is a fountain.

Me will come.

ill be there but if i where you i would set the time in 30/60 minutes so more people can apply

Yay! Cmon we need more people! We leave in the next 5-10 mins

I am coming

We are leaving in 5 minutes.

Where are you at I am in varrock center.

i am heavin super LAG so please WAIT UP!!!(btw its east bank)

We have to get one guy drag died. So we are recruiting more hurry everyone!

Yes, please come. Oh, drag, I got your shield and robes, if that makes you feel any better :).

Im back! Cmon people! Come!

Yeah…I will come when we leaving?

It is right now meet in east varrock world 31 at fountain.

The fountain by east bank, not the one in center.

We leaving when we get 2 more ppl!

Err…can you wait 5 minutes?!

So what happened after I left?