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Welcome to my Runescape Classic PK Video Archive. This has many of my videos, from my very first video all the way up to videos produced after RSC became P2P only. I made some more videos after finding some old un-produced footage on my computer.

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[b]~ Video # 1 ~

“Leet Ownage”[/b]

This video features my level 19 strength pure (Now level 25). I made this video as a test - this is my first video ever made. Nothing special, just some all-round ownage. Link Below:

[b]~ Video # 2 ~

“Judgement Day”[/b]

My level 28 defense pure is the star of this video. She doesn’t hit very high, but owns everyone she comes up against. She gets a couple of nice low level pks too :wink: Link below:


[b]~ Video # 3 ~


This video features my old strength pure, when his combat was still below 50. He was level 62 when I quit RSC. This video shows him owning some rune miners, as well as some other pking. Link Below:


[b]~ Video # 4 ~

“My very short, lame video”[/b]

This video features none other than my level 5 banker :D. He has 20 magic though, so beware! In Runescape Classic, the last person to hit gets the kill - not the one who takes the most damage [Monsters is same as RS2]. I stole this kill from a clan.

Rune medium helmet - 10k
Blue party hat - 100+ mil
Level 5 killing a level 17 - Priceless

Link Below:


Alternate Link : http://media.putfile.com/My-very-short-lame-video

[b]~ Video # 5 ~

“Hybrid Fear”[/b]

This video features my level 13 pure who makes a living killing mages. Fun, short video :slight_smile: Link below:


[b]~ Video # 6 ~

“Yin Yang : Fusion”[/b]

This video is composed of some highlights of pk trips from both Runescape Classic and Runescape 2. Unlike many other Pk/Clan War videos you may have seen before, this shows kill after kill, not just running around in circles. I put together the entire video, with Malibu creating the graphics for the Title and End pages. The music is by AC/DC (Vintage :p).

Video Name - “Yin Yang : Fusion”
Running Time - 4:45
Ownage - Yes pl0x

This video features my main, Asslee2, on the RS2 clips. The RSC clips feature I Archas I and I Sable I, my pure melee/rangers.

I chose my title because Yin Yang (No, it’s not Ying Yang) means a contrast between good and evil, light and darkness, etc. This video shows the contrast between RSC and RS2, with rune kills everywhere in between :wink:


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Why do you have to host them on that site? Please use another one next time, I love watching your videos. :slight_smile:

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I added Alternate link options through Putfile :slight_smile:

Yin Yang is the leet pure ownage pl0x

Archas is too good runescape should make a pking server for him we should some how send in requests in for that!!!

i liked the vids

thats pretty sweet

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ye dey r cool!!!

pfft my pures own you…easily

^ You play Runescape2. Sadly, you are misunderstood. I have an RS2 pker now.

How do you delete it after you get it?

Pking is so freakin fun!!!

the viceos rock 2

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