PK weapons

I think Jagex should make some weapons used just for pking…like murder blade or human skull sheild er somthing sweet like that it would be awsome… i would love to see a revenge set for pking!!!

quiete good but i highly doubt they wud
becus it alot of effort and not worth it

shouldn’t this be in like suggestions?

and that would be a pretty cool idea

i think they need mor wildy towns and safe spots for banks

Towns in the wilderness make no sense. For example, in the Bandit Camp there really isn’t anything and npcs attack you there. If they had a little town like Edgeville in the wilderness with no aggresive npcs then I would go there on pking trips.

na it should stay the same

nah it gets old after a while… i’d like 2 see a new town in the wild, but theres already enough weps… maybe they should have every wep setting have a different spec