PKed--So Funny..

…Self explantory…

Sold to him for 40k…

all i can say - ROFL

hehe owned

:smiley: i always get comments like that on my hybrid :wink:

wow he got his a$$ ownd

gj dude. keep up the good work.

“morfing into formation” <was that person morphing into an egg? i tried that already in wildy… got owned, lol. nice work.

Profit, cool.

LOL you shafted him after by selling the sword for 40k. GJ.

lol never goin pkin unless u no for sure that u can make it ~ owned

did u die or did some1 else die

lol i did taht with a rune long i pked of a lad he gave me 40 k for it lol

all i can do is laugh lol

Why did he say pleasure?

rofl, very funny

lmao that guy takes game serious

yer y did he say pleasure???

ha i get it know thats awesome pk it again

not bad kill i guess bit easy tho…

Lmfao nice job dude, now just to pk him again :P.