PKers read plz !IMPORTANT!

I am starting to train my first real pker, i want him to be a pure wizard, and i want top class mate, i would really apreciate if u real pkers would help me out with stats, tips, cloathing etc for him? Thanks guys!

ok first of all…this is just my opinion some others may think differently…use an air staff and elemental runes not an elemental staff, unless you can make air runes. For robes u might just want a blue wizard’s robe, blue skirt, blue wizard’s hat, and colored gloves(gold is my favorite). And of course an ammy of magic or ammy of defense if u don’t train defense.

dont and i repeat dont bury bones if you want to lvl fast! IF not bury them as if theres no tomorrow to get prayer up and pretect from melee, range, magic etc.