Pking Glitch? (not fake)

I was out pking and a high lvl attacked me so i teled (i only tele if a clan attacks me or i dont wanna fight) and right at varrock it showed this… it’s not fake.

What? Where’s the glitch?

cool nvr encountered that

sry to duoble post buyt i think it is that there is a skull in varrok SE

look at the top, it says attack-someone (i forgot the name) and im in varrock center.

Woah lol… The skull in the corner’s not the only glitch… Also it still says “attack Bball7773!” :smiley:


ooooo i see! there are two glitches!

hmm…how very odd…u should have tryed attacking him lol

Yeah it probably just happened because you went from one area to another quickly and it hadn’t loaded all the way.

Weird…seems like a lot of glitches are popping up lately…

rrr too many glicthes

thats cool, did you try to attack him?

yea that happens a lot

its from lag.
sickmate 8)

thats weird

Off topic: 100th post! Yay

Ive had that before and when you try to attack them it says " you can’t attack players out of the wilderness" it was really funny

Yea, i have had that too, and the same thing happend to me :stuck_out_tongue:
Also i have had a glitch similar to this but instead of wildy i had it from castle wars…

The Glitch Is On The Top Left Corner, “Attack Bball7773”