Pking Group

I am looking for people who would like to pk for fun, not as a clan but more as a group…heres what im looking for.
2-8 lvl 50-60 combat
about 2-3 archers(lvl 40 ranging or above) and
2-3 Mages (lvl 40 or above magic)
My rs name is Bluel337 and I’m 56 combat, 36 ranging, and 33 magic.
Post names here is you want to join post your name here and tell me if you want to be a ranger, mage, or warrior.
This will be an occasional thing and I will try to give you at least a weeks notice before the next time we go out, I’m just checking if people want to do this right now.

i will sir bell220 id love to come 8)

Ok, is your rs name sir bell220 or bell220 or is it something else?
Anyone else wanna come along?