Pking Lords Clan! 50+ combat

Hello, the Pking Lords is a tough pking clan that goes on once a week pk trips. We will have fun wars with other clans from time to time. This clan has great tactics and rules. At the moment, we have about 7 members but we’re looking to get much more. So please browse around the site and forums and consider joining a tough pking clan :smiley:

I’ll join, it sounds good.

Combat Lvl:54

ok, good :smiley: just go register on our forums and try to be active :smiley:

myclan will kill yours anyday r’s is mostly members hahahahahhah

thats nice…but i dont think so

k am 45 so were to you guys go for your base

the requirements are 50+ so i cant tell u that

lol noobs

my clan r all above 60 wehave 89’sand stuff

cool, but plz dont post things like that here, only post if you’re joining

Jackster07, don’t be a fool.

If you’re looking for a fight so bad, then DM me.

Good luck with your recruiting Delux!

thx thom…and the guy who said this is a noob clan, dm? :twisted:
this isnt my clan, im not even part of it…its a good friend of mine’s. Im lvl 84 so ill dm u anytime, mwuahaha

hey jackster i really dont think anyone really cares

This clan is still recruiting! :smiley:

  1. level 54 with high defence and attack on 45 and training it up and active and id like to join


i wish to not join, but i have posted to join alliance with you. my sig below show what i own [clans i own] 8) pm me if u accept

Im gonna bump this up a bit…Plz join this clan…we’re growing fast already!

edit:plz go to the forums, this si where most of info is

i wanna join im 59 but i jus got pked so i have no armour but can i join my rs username is denzel t

OK…everyone plz listen hear, ppl have posted here saying they want to join…THIS IS NOT HOW TO APPLY. Go to our website and visit our forums…u apply on forums

THX…once again, here’s the link

eh im lvl 61 might i be of any assitance? I dont feel like goin to the forums and crap so here are some of my stats…atk-50 str-60 def-45 cooking-54 fishing-54 woodcut-53 hits-51 mage-31 range-41 the rest of my stats arent that good so im not gonna even bother.