PKing Suggestions.

I was wondering if you could help me out on pking, I would like to have a great pker, Here are my stats, Tell me if I should use magic,melee or range, and give me some hints\improvments I should make,Please.

Attack 71
Defence 68
Strength 73
Hitpoints 71
Ranged 63
Prayer 47
Magic 64
Cooking 73
Woodcutting 70
Fletching 38
Fishing 71
Firemaking 60
Crafting 51
Smithing 62
Mining 70
Herblore 32
Agility 41
Thieving 52

BTW:Im not a member anymore.
Thanks, Lady_Love

ranged is pretty useful but dont use it against warriors unless you have tons of food to back you up.

Either range or mage. These are the killers.

i think mage is good cause u can bind them and that kind of stuff

I was talking to my best freind(lvl 125) and he said that getting my att to 80 would make a good pker(melee)…Or the stats

80Attack (9more att lvls)
68Def (already at this)
75 Strength(2 more str levels)