pking trip-------30 minutes!!-------

tittle says it, be in world 3 edgeville 30 mins to get your stuff and get ready

EDIT:I.E. 5:30 pacific time

Count me in!

ill be there =]

awesome, arhcas is comign!!!

EDIT: my guys name is oxcaliberx0

[EDIT] - I’ll be cutting yews until then, not sure how much food I have…

Kool if archas is coming im sooooo there!
Archas u bring pure or main?

archas ill supply u with some food

I will bring main, but I don’t have food on main.

i will come i will come!
edit-i cant come dumb sister!

as i said archas ill supply everyone with lobsters

I talked to Drawsxam in-game, he said he will come. He’s level 85 or so.

Coming :slight_smile:


I’m at bank now, if anyone wants to get ready…

ima coming

hey im coming!

almost there

Can’t come, gotta fish -_-

Wait for me!!!

Ill come, but still Ill be late. Try to go on #rsrpktrip?

has pk going on right now!?