Pking Video: Help Please

Can somebody write me a guide or find me one of making a video on rs withoutpaying for some program?

search for hypercam at google.

Does it have spyware or a keylogger or something? How do I make the video with it? Are there instructions on the site?

Hypercam to win , if u dont buy it , it does have a little box in the top left ocrner but u cna put sound on :slight_smile: , brillaint simple program

Does the free trial ever expire?

nope not any keylogger

don’t think so

So i searched hypercam, clicked on the link, clicked on hypercam link, and am now about to download from server 1 (US). Will I be charged, or is there a registry thingy in the actuall program? I dont wanna pay 40$

No u downloads an unregistered version (eg: it is’nt paided for but does’nt run out but has a little thing say unregistered hypercam in top left window thats all

Thanx all, got it working! Thanks again!

good luck :spin: