is that one for women. i hear that was but was not sure(i am a girl :slight_smile: )

There was one in RSC where there were plates suited in the women’s fashion… I don’t know if that was carried over into RS2 though… Sorry I’m not much of a help…

ty just what to know :slight_smile:

The platebodies are all the same. However, the lower part of the armor is different. Men usually wear platelegs and women usually wear plateskirts.

You used to be able to get an NPC to change the skirts into legs and vice-versa but it is now no longer available.

That was in RuneScape Classic, wasn’t it? The person at Draynor Manor?

Actually there was a guy who changed skirts into legs and female pl8s into male pl8s and vice versa, He was in varrock.

Wow I wish RS2 would have done that. But I’m a boy so i guess it wouldnt help me. Anyway The pl8s mold the the body kind of. Or at least it looks that way. (not that im lookin) :lol: