please close this.

buyin 1k iron ore-100k and 2k coal-200k all for 300k
pm me in game buck hunter7.

If u sell me all at once ill throw in an extra 10k :smiley:

Will you buy 500 iron ores for 50k sience you buy 1k iron for 100k.
Let me no :?

i sell u all the 1 k iron ores! tell me your runescape username and when you r on i slel to u straightaway!

My rs name is buck hunter7 and im always in world 12 1k iron for 100k is a deal.

i will sel u coal, i cant sell u al of it at once, but i can give u what i got… i think its like 53 right now, but i am getting more, i do have to sell every once in a while when i see a good bargain :confused: yesterday i seen someone buying for 150g each, and i had 105 in my bank, so i just HAD to sell them all, so… u know… :wink:

man i got the 1k iron ore and i am waiting for u to reply! my runescape username is Bloodrash2 and i am usually on world 57.

u nvr gave me ur name but i have been on :smiley:

sorry my runescape 2 name is Bloodrash2